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Elevated dog slow feeder bowl
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BENTOPAL is specializing in designing pet supplies, we aim to provide you a friendly, healthy, pleasant living environment with pets.

With us, let your pets get more healthy, let your life be more simply.

Products Detail for Model P20S(Slow feeder bowl for dogs)

Does your dog eat its meal in seconds without chewing enough?

Is your dog experienced bloat vomiting?

Is your dog getting more heavy, the weight is out of control?

Extending mealtime and form a healthy eating habit, BENTOPAL dog feeder slow bowls will help you a lot

Dogs eating fast or without chewing enough is more likely to cause bloat, regurgitation. Slow feeder bowls are designed to help solve these problems through the use of ridges and maze patterns. Extend the mealtime, allow your dog to eat in a healthy way, reducing the risk of choking, bloating or vomiting.

3 adjustable grows with your dog from puppyhood to their adult years! The raised food bowl stand helps aid in digestion and easy swallowing. A proper feeding station will reduce the stress on joints and bones. Friendly for elder dogs or dogs with arthritis, neck back problems

About this item

Slow feeder dog bowls - Prolonging meal time, slow down the speed. Reducing the risk of bloating, indigestion, and choking caused by fast eating. Guiding your dog to form a healthy eating diet.Notice: not for cats

1L/4.2Cup of large bowl capacity. This slow feeding bowl adopt maze puzzle design, bowls with inclined design helps dog food not to jam in the corners, best for fast eater

Raised dog bowls - Elevated stand provides a healthy feeding position, helps reduce the pressure on the joints or bones. Three adjustable heights for 4in/6.5in/9in, grow with your puppy boy

Non-Slip & Spill-proof food bowl - The widened rim can prevent food from spilling and keep the floor clean. The bottom non-slip mat prevent the bowl from moving on the floor or tip over

Easy clean and use - Dog slow feeder bowl is suitable for wet or dry food, safe material, easy to clean. detachable and easy to install

Ideal dog slow feeder for your large dog breeds, from his young to adult

Make dog heathly eating slowly

Keep food in bowl while eating

THREE height adjustment, suitable for dogs of all ages

Healthy eating position prevent joints strain, promote digestion

Anti-skid, keep floor clean

Convex Texture Design

The scientific slow feeder design can effectively prolong the eating time, prevent the harm of eating too fast. And the special puzzle design makes feeding more fun

Spill-proof border frame

The widened fixed frame can prevent food from spilling,no more messy floors

Anti-skid rubber feet

Four rubber feet base helps keep the food bowl in place, prevent sliding, make the bowl more stable

Package included

Stand *1

Slow food bowl *1

Widen Fixing Frame *1

Buckle *1

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