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Dog water fountain with timer wastewater change system
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BENTOPAL is specializing in designing pet supplies, we aim to provide you a friendly, healthy, pleasant living environment with pets.

With us, let your pets get more healthy, let your life be more simply.

Products Detail for Model P10

A new concept of cat fountain water bowl

Not cycle water fountain, but fresh water come and waste water out

Traditional pets fountains have inevitable hygiene problems from the Filter. Because used water being filtered is always going to have bacteria despite the filter, and dirty water running through a pump makes that pump dirty because even if you take it all apart to clean it, you can't get into every crevice of the pump.

BENTOPAL simulate artificial water change, set fresh and waster water container, all you clean is the basin, the wastewater bowl and cleaning the fresh water bowl monthly.

About this item

NO Filtration System - This cat waterer design for 24hrs fresh water, set fresh water area and waster water area. Auto refill new water to your pets. Refuse cycle water, and you needn't clean up any filter or pump.

Water leak sensor - Drinking area will always keep 250ml water wait for pets, the dispenser will refill automatically once water are less

Timed wastewater replacement - Intelligent set a time to change water when you are out. 6H/12H/24H to choose, make sure your kitty, puppy have fresh water, you can go out for days without any worry.

Healthy drinks - We know It is a big problem in cleaning filter / pump, It is very easy to breed bacterial, worms, moss, pets get sick easily if drinks long time. BENTOPAL adopt fresh water change, give your pets a more safer, intelligent drinks partner

Easy to use - Fillin 1.8L fresh water into fresh water area, connect the usb cablethe then the fountain works. NOTE: Please remove the waster water first when you add fresh water again

Warm tips - When you hear loud voice from the fountain, please add water in

- 24Hrs new fresh water for cats

- Auto refill water when drinks area less of water

- Time water change system, 6H/12H/24H for choose

- 1.8L large capacity water, fit whole day for kitty drinks

- Perfectly suitable for small to medium-sized dogs and all cats

Question & Answer

Q: What should I do if I go out some day and leave kitty lonely at home?

A:BENTOPAL would help you provide fresh water when you are out. Add fresh water max 1.8L in container, set time change water system to 12h. when times up, the fountain will auto get out waste water and add new. let your kitty drinks happy.

Q: I set it as instructions show, but dish part does not fill from the reservoir, how to fix?

A: Please check below situation. A- The water absorber is stuck in the dead corner. B- The water absorber was wrong putted in wastewater contain. C- The hose is folded and blocked.

Warm tips

Not cycle water fountain, but fresh water come and waste water out

Please pour out the wastewater upon you add new to avoid overflow.

A few amount of water in container was normal, we test it before ship out.

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