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Elevated dog water bowl no spill
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BENTOPAL is specializing in designing pet supplies, we aim to provide you a friendly, healthy, pleasant living environment with pets.

With us, let your pets get more healthy, let your life be more simply.

Products Detail for Model P20W (Water bowl for dogs)

Will your dogs always make house messy when drinks?

Then you will need this raised dog water bowl with no spill. BENTOPAL Elevated dog water bowls provide a healthy position,so that your dogs can drinking in a healthy and comfortable way. which can reduce neck and back tension burden of bending significantly, at the same time also can reduce the pressure on the joints. Helps digestion a lot!

2 Height for choose, suitable for all dogs of different breed, sizes, and ages!

-High: 9.0inch

-Medium: 5.9 inch

About this item

【4.4L/18CUP large capacity】This large dog water bowls is great for large and medium dogs, it meet the water intake of your dogs throughout the day. Stainless water bowl size is 9.5*5.5in

【No spill water bowl for dogs】 The floating disk design decrease dog's drinking area and make it slow feeder, which avoid water splashes everywhere after dog drinking, keep the mat and floor clean. The Fixed border and buckle will keep the bowl in place

【Prevention of Cervical Spondylosis】2 height adjustable, provide a comfortable drinking position to pets. BENTOPAL elevated dog bowls help reduce neck strain while your pet is drinking, best for old dogs, or those with muscie or joint problem.

【Stable and Non-slip】One-piece base instead of folding bracke,sturdy base with 4 anti-slip tabs, make the slow water bowl hard to turn over

【Easy to clean】Take out the floating disk and bowl to wash, easily to install. You will receive: 1 dog bowl stand, 1 large water bowl, 1 floating dish, 1 fixed border, 1 buckle. No filter no moss. If the accessory was damage when received, please contact us to get replacement

【Note】Avoid prolonged sun exposure, plastic parts will be easily damaged


Open water bowls was easily to overflow, espeically when you have a naughty puppy, he play the water and make house wet and messy.

BENTOPAL design a dog floating water bowl, limit dogs only drinks from a small hole. When your pet's tongue hits the float, it sinks and the water fluctuates. The floating disk controls the amount of water and prevents it from spilling over and splashing the wet floor. No more messy floors.

NO-SKID Design

If your dog bowls that are too small and light will easily be knocked over. This elevated stand dog bowl was 1.5kg weight, add 4pcs anti-slip feet helps the bowl stand steady, bring a healthy, clean eating enviroment.

Question and Answer

How many cups does the large bowl hold?

- This dog waterbowl was 4.4L / 18CUP, suitable for large, medium size dogs.

Is there any non-slip the bottoms of the bowl?

- Yes, 4pcs non-slip feet helps this big stand stand steady on floor, mat.

Can this bowl be used outside? it’s really hot here and i don’t want it to overheat or anything like that.

- Recommended to use in a cool place, best for indoor. Because plastic parts will be easily damaged after exposure. also the water will be hot.

Package included

Stand *1, Stainless Bowl *1, Widen Fixing Frame *1, Buckle *1, Floating part *1, Cleaning Sponge *1

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