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Wicked ball interactive dog toy
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BENTOPAL is specializing in designing pet supplies, we aim to provide you a friendly, healthy, pleasant living environment with pets.

With us, let your pets get more healthy, let your life be more simply.



Question and Answer

Q: How to use?

A: Built in rechargeable battery, connecting the toy to adapter via USB cable, fully charge for 3 hours and get funny with pets.

Q: How to open it? I can't open it after once use.

A: Drop the ball from a height within 1.2 meters to help open the tight shell.

Q: How to change the rolling mode?

A: Turn on the ball and enter into Mode 1, If you'd like to change to Mode 2, please long press 5 seconds when balls on. And press again will turn off.

Q: How long can it works?

A: Theoretically, it can be used for 60-70 times in normal mode (restart every 1.5 hours), but due to the presence of touch activation, the usage time depends on the actual usage.

Q: Kitties/Dogs don't like this toy, what should I do?

A: You can try to adjust some special tails attached on ball, jingle will much welcome.


-Not all of cats will be interested in this toy,but some products (catnip or Jingle) can been put on the car to attract your cats.

-Recommend for Cats/ Dogs

Package Included

Rolling Ball x1

USB Cable x1

User Guide x1

Had cancel the tails

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