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Wicked ball interactive cat toy
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Newest pet balls for indoor cats, which can intelligent interactive pets when owners go out.

About using:

Open the lid, short press the power button to turn on the toys ball in rolling mode. ***Note: When open the cover, please always keep the feather tails downwards.

If you want get a intense game, make it change to BOUNCING by second press. Ball will power off when thirdly press.

Closed the lid, then start funy time with your lovely pets.

About this item

1.【Motion activated wicked ball】 Automatically off after 5 minutes runs and on again after 1.5 hours. Additional, pet's paw touch will wake it up when the ball in sleep.

2.【Rolling & Bouncing mode】 Soft rolling mode and excited bouncing mode, to meet different pet's preference.

3.【Smart interactive balls】 Turn on the ball toy and runs irregular, keep your baby busy chasing it themselves when you are too busy to interactive with pets.

4.【Rechargeable】 Builted with 620mAh rechargeable battery, charging 3 hours, this electronic ball toy could play 8 hours under default mode.

5.【Safety with BENTOPAL】 According to statistics, Not every cat will like it, young, curious or active adult cats will more excited about this toy. So we provide 30 days free return, if you found your pet don't like this toy, just contact us to get a satisfied solution.

Question and answer

Q: How to use?

A: Built in rechargeable battery, connecting the toy to adapter via USB cable, fully charge for 3 hours and start game.

Q: How to change the rolling mode?

A: Turn on the ball and enter into Mode 1(Rolling), If you'd like to change to Mode 2(Bouncing), please long press 5 seconds when balls on. And press again will turn off.

Q: How long can it works?

A: Theoretically, it can be used for 60-70 times in normal mode (restart every 1.5 hours), but due to the presence of touch activation, the usage time depends on the actual usage.

Q: Kitties/Dogs don't like this toy, what should I do?

A: You can try to adjust some special tails attached on ball, jingle will much welcome.


-Not all of cats will be interested in this toy, but some products(catnip or jingle) can been put on the ball to attract your cats.

- If the tails be broken by your pets, you can make some special add on, or buy tails from BENTOPAL.

- Recommend for cats, and small dogs. Not recommend for large dogs.

Package Included

Rolling ball x1

Tails x2

USB Cable x1

User Guide x1

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